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Friday, March 10, 2006

Singing in the shower

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Haven't done any real special hacks - but thought y'all might like my A/V system I just did up at my flat. I always wanted to have good sound when I'm in the shower, so I put a speaker in the bathroom. I figure it doesn't get _that_ humid in there, and the speaker I'm using has plastic and aluminum drivers with rubber seals, so its not going to deteriorate like a paper one would. And since I had another I put it in the kitchen - which helps keep the sound quality consistent as one roams the apartment.

I have two amps hooked up to the one computer which plays the music. One amp drives the two speakers on either side of the monitor as well as the subwoofer under the shelf - and then the other amp is daisy chained to the first amp, and goes to the speaker in the bathroom and kitchen.

So yea, all it takes is some long wire, couple shelf brackets and a staple gun to run the wire and keep it neat

The next thing I'm planning is a security system... But we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, I wish I bought that shelf when they still had it. These photos brought back memories of the current selection of shelves, which is sad.

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